my road to rebirth mainstage is back in 2023!

REBiRTH Festival is looking for driven talents to join us on a unique expedition to the other side of the Milky Way. Grab your headphones, master your latest tracks and have a chance to win one of the 21 spots on our line-up! 🚀

This year, we are looking for a captain to lead our space journey, someone who will open our REBiRTH Festival mainstage on Saturday; code-named ‘Mainstage Winner’.

Additionally, for Saturday we are also searching for a crew of 10 to pilot the exclusive Hardstyle ship. And if that’s not all, we still have 10 spaces available in our spaceship on Sunday to add some hardcore/uptempo energy to the universe.

Are you an upcoming DJ/producer? Then enter the My Road To The REBiRTH Mainstage DJ contest, get a chance to win 1 of 21 spots at REBiRTH Festival 2023 and become part of our Expedition Crew!

Step 1: Make the best mixtape you’ve ever recorded (no longer than 30 minutes), featuring at least 1 of your own produced tracks and upload your mixtape privately on Soundcloud.

Step 2: Write a short motivation why you should play at REBiRTH Festival.

Step 3: Go to the entry form and fill in your details, the URL to your mixtape, your motivation and a URL to your own produced track and you’re done! The contest runs from 7 January 12:00 to 15 January 23:59.

• Your set must be uploaded to Soundcloud, with a private URL;

• Your set must be 30 minutes long; sets longer than 30 minutes will not be judged;

• Your set must include at least one track produced by yourself;

• Your set must be recorded live, sets made in a DAW or other software will not be judged;

• B2B sets are not allowed.

Round 1: After submitting your mixtape, it will be judged by the REBiRTH Festival jury, resulting in a top 20 of the best mixtapes per genre (20 for Hardstyle and 20 for Hardcore/Uptempo). These talents will go through to the next round.

All mixtapes will be judged using an assessment form. We will announce the winners of the first round on 6 February, after which the second round will start.

Round 2: The 20 best-rated mixtapes per genre will be uploaded on REBiRTH Festival’s social media channels after which the public will have a week, until 13 February, to vote for their top three via our website. Audience votes count 25% in the final results, REBiRTH Festival jury votes (from round 1) 75%. The winners will be announced on 17 February.

Winner Road To The REBiRTH Mainstage (#1 winner)
– You get the chance to open the REBiRTH Mainstage on Saturday!
– One of your produced tracks will be released on Scantraxx Carbon or Silver.
– You will receive 100 credits for downloading tracks on
– You will receive a Weekend + Residence Camping ticket for REBiRTH Festival 2023.

Winners (RAW) Hardstyle (#10 winners)
– You get the chance to perform on the brand new ‘Road To REBiRTH’ stage at REBiRTH Festival Saturday!
– You will receive 25 credits for downloading tracks on

Hardcore/Uptempo winner (#10 winners)
– You will get the chance to perform on the brand new ‘Road To REBiRTH’ stage at REBiRTH Festival Sunday!
– You will receive 25 credits for downloading tracks on

The application form will open on 7 January at noon and close on 15 January at 23:59.

Yes, as long as all conditions are met, anyone can participate.

DJ/Producers who play Hardstyle, Hardcore and/or Uptempo can participate, but please note that the spot on the REBiRTH Festival mainstage is an opening spot and reserved for a (RAW) Hardstyle DJ. In the application form, indicate which genre you want to compete for.

Your set should be uploaded to SoundCloud, with a private URL.

Your set must last exactly 30 minutes; longer sets will not be judged.

Your mixtape will be assessed using an assessment form that you can find on our website. In the first round, your mixtape will be judged by the REBiRTH Festival team. In the second round, the top 20 mixtapes will be judged by the audience and REBiRTH Festival. The REBiRTH Festival team determines 75% of the result, the remaining 25% is determined by the audience.

The winners of the first round will be announced on 6 February, all the winners will be informed by email. 

B2B sets are not allowed.